Immagine Riflessa – Raffaello Ossola

Swiss-born painter Raffaello Ossola alters perspective by turning the world upside down. Trees inhabit land and sky, or are we fooled by their reflections? The clouds float on, unperturbed and the water ripples, wherever it may be. Ossola’s colours tease, setting off these broccoli trees to great effect. He creates situations removed from the usual limits imposed by life, and explains, “… I’ve always liked “isolating myself” in order to ponder life and, certain “panoramas” have represented extremely significant moments for me. Deep silences, absolute emptiness, in which I have discovered fullness and completeness. These reflections have often projected me into a dimension “outside space and outside time” in visions which everything seems but in reality is not, in which the colours are altered, the images distant and the memories confused and detached from their temporal linearity…”

Source: mocoloco

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